Friday, April 30, 2004

Coated snackage

The Haystacks turned out OK. And no, a double boiler is not required. Nuke it, baby! Microwaves are awesome. Note: Don't make these to serve on a misty, moisty Southeastern U.S. day. Butterscotch chips are not the same as bark coating. Stick 'em in the fridge and they might last longer. (BTW, Haystacks are a combo of butterscotch chips, peanut butter, and chow mein noodles.) I piled mine on the cute serving plate, and the little suckers looked like one massive haystack. There was a great convergence of haystackage. My thought was "How will people know they can actually eat this? And that they don't have to eat the whole thing?" Oh well. I didn't stay to find out. I made an early exit from the par-tay and, eek, left the cleanup and the what-to-do-with-the-leftovers for the hosts to figure out. (Yeah, not swift.)

Wow, didn't know the blogosphere was so large. I guess those of us who got sick of chat rooms have now discovered a "whole new world." Ain't it grand?

Health tip for the day: If you need a chocolate fix, try chocolate graham cracker sticks. (ooh...a rhyme...) With 14 sticks, you're only getting 24 grams of carbs. With 1, count it, just 1 chocolate covered graham cracker, you're consuming 14 grams of carbs. Sheesh! Also, no-sugar-added or sugar-free hot chocolate is pretty good too. Usually only 10 or 11 grams of carbs...less than the max amount for a snack. Yeah, I don't do the Atkins diet. I believe in eating all the kinds of calories. You need a variety of foods in order to get the nutrients you need. Not that I'm eating a wide variety myself, but hey, I'm not on some loonytoons diet either.

Y'all can pray with me about an opportunity to be a volunteer overnight host at a new women's transitional housing center/program here in my city. The tasks would not be hard, and it would be a great chance to encourage women coming out of prison who are serious about making a fresh start and building a whole new kind of life. I've got to tell the director my decision tomorrow or Sunday. Thanks!

Thursday, April 22, 2004

The Nahrerlater Sweet

Do you remember that taffy-like, square candy in the fun fruit flavors? We Southern Gen-Xers call 'em "nahrerlaters." The packaging describes the candy as "soft and chewy." I think the emphasis should be placed on the "chewy" part. As I said to Preggo (she with baby of 16 weeks gestation), "I think there's more 'later' in this nahrerlater; ain't much 'now' to it."

And why in the name of all things sweet and delectable must a candy announce itself to be "artificially flavored," as if that is something to be proud of? Oh, yes, I was really wondering...does this apple-flavored square of never-ending chewiness actually contain APPLE? No? Bummer! don't care if the flavor came from processed goo of alien. I just want it to somewhat taste like an apple (which it did, by the way) and not remove every dental equippage in one's mouth. (I don't have dentalwork, but some o' my peeps do. No, not Peeps, but peeps. Anyhoo...) And if it does contain processed goo of alien, please don't tell me. Just make sure it has under the maximum number of bug parts in it.

Speaking of bug part max...and food. My dad used to regale my mother, at the dinner table, with stories about his food and drug inspections. The last straw was the story of "Cookie Icing and the Night Visitors." The factory would ice the cookies, leave them out to dry, and ice them again the next day. Yep, you guessed it. The local rodents would come out, do their version of the Nutcracker suite on the cookies, and return to their holes to sleep off the sugar. For the cookie gods, they dropped little gifts as they danced and nibbled. "Unsuspecting" humans just kept preserving the gifts for short-lived posterity in someone's intestines. Eeeww... Sadly, no more dinner-time stories.

My next assignment for myself...attempt to make a batch of snacky dessert things, called Haystacks, without using a double boiler. I'll let you know how that one turns out.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Odds and ends

Analogy of the day: My personal CD player eats batteries as if they were Chex mix.

I'm serious. I think I've changed its batteries three times in the past two weeks. Maybe there's a conspiracy between electronics manufacturers and battery manufacturers. Or...maybe not.

You might say, "Elena, dear, just use a boom box and plug it in, plug it in." Good solution. But then you've leashed yourself to the device, by way of headphones, and if you forget that you're attached to the machine (as I did the other day and took the phone with me across the office...whonk!...dial tone----*eehhrrnnhh*), then it's gonna do a whonk onto the floor. Oh well... the drahma that is the work day in my little world o' one DQ. (btw, DQ = drama queen)

Mysterious movie quote of the day: "How long have you been in possession of dead husband?" (Think...set in a southeast Asia country now going under a different name.)

After a freakish falling of snow and sleet yesterday here in Music City, the sun be a-shinin' and I be a-grinnin'. Wahoo!!!

So my friend o' the pink kitties and the hatred for all things track-suitish is going to help me polka dot up this blog. Or something...

Pink Kitty (I think that'll be her code name.) told me of an interesting theme occurring amongst the Vox Volk: dating and the lack of quality volk to date. Question for self and for others: Am I looking within my league? Do I know what my league is? Can I change leagues? (No, we're not talking "switching teams.") Am I keeping my focus on the right thing by thinking about these dating issues so much? (If you have to ask yourself the question, the answer is probably yes. And I'm right there with y'all, so don't fret, my pet.)

Good album: the self-titled Ramiyah. Christian hip-hop/R&B. Great rhythms. Good messages. I'm rather ignorant on how to analyze hip-hop, so I can't say anything cooler than that. But hey, check 'em out. And they keep their navels covered! On another tack, I'm wondering...did they take the group name from the Hebrew word transliterated into English as "Ramiah," which means "the Lord is exalted"? It would make sense: their album is totally about praising God.

As it is Wednesday and time for church in the buckle o' the belt, I must sign off for now. Tootles!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Cute shoes, Easter doesn't equal bunnies, and a mini-quiz

I bought the most darling pair of white high-heeled sandals the other day at my FAVORITE store, the one we Southerners call "Tah-ehr-zshay" when we're trying to be posh. (Yeah, we know we ain't foolin' nobody.) And I've worn them a couple of times. The fashion crisis always arises....if the outfit is primarily black, can I get away with wearing all-white shoes, even if I'm carrying a bag that is black with some white on it? I should ask my fashionista friend, but she's the one who reminds me not to wear my track suit jacket to go Krogering. So hrm... Well, I wore the shoes with my Easter outfit. And I had fun wearing them. My cute little pink toes looked like candies wrapped in white bows. And how much better can you get?

No, Easter isn't about outfits or cute shoes or bunnies or eggs or pretty flowers. It's about the One who lived, died, and rose again, just because He loved us so much. Loved the people who would love Him back and loved the ones who hated Him and still hate Him. We sang the Hallelujah chorus at the end of the worship time Sunday morning. Perfect way to rejoice at God's love for us. Christmas and Easter, the alpha and omega of the story of Jesus' direct (bodily) interaction with people here on earth (His whole story is everlasting, without beginning or end)...fitting times to sing Handel's beautiful anthem.

So have you discovered the origin of my blog's name? Give ya a hint....think jazz.

An embarrassed BulldogFan

Did you know that when you sign up for a Victoria's Secret credit card, they ring a bell and shout, "An angel just sprouted its wings!" ??? Didja? Well, the hubby of a friend of mine, the preggers gal, went into the store on one of the busiest shopping days of spring, selected new undies for the mama-to-be, and was an unwitting victim of this embarrassing tactic. Well, if you're a female amongst your sistah-friends, I don't suppose this rallying cry is that embarrassing. It's like the joyful shouts of sorority gals when a sister gets pinned. Or something.... Poor guy... Yep, it's a pink, pink, pinky pink world in there, and you men are brave to enter it. (Give us the same credit when we meander into the fishing tackle or car parts sections of Wal-Mart. All that smelly oil. Yech...)


Ta-dah! Ring the bell! A new blog just sprouted wings. Welcome all!